and continuous Semahote

This type of Sephardic, also known as Nusach Sephard or Sefardi, is mostly used by those of Spanish Jewish heritage, including Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek and other Sephardic groups. recognizes the great challenges SY and other Sephardic businessmen face while traveling for business and salutes them. The Tefilot we have put online should be acceptable to those that pray on Ocean Parkway, especially with Rabbi Wadiche (with Bichat Mazel Tov and continuous Semahot), as well as Deal and even the downstairs minyan at the Synagogue on Via Guastalla in Milano, under the guidance of Rabbi Haddad.


Kriat Hatorah (weekday portion only)



Birkat HaMazon

Kriat Shma Al Hamitah

Sefirat haOmer has been created and sponsored by the Natan Borlam family and, dedicated to dressing new generations in fine boys suits and coats.

Mr Natan Borlam was, and the Natan Borlam family remain eternally grateful to Rabbi Wadiche and all the congregants at the Minyan in Mikdash Melech. There are not sufficient words to relay the Midot and help that was put forward on a weekly basis.

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